Articlave LOL 1017 Orange Ball

The Officers and Brethren of Articlave LOL 1017 in County Londonderry will be holding their Annual Olde Time Dance and Grand Orange Ball Supper Dance in Articlave Orange Hall on Friday 12th April at 8.30pm.

The precise origins of an Orange Ball are unknown, but the ceremony has been passed down through generations of Orange Brethren and been preformed many times in Orange Halls throughout Ireland, both north and south, over many decades.

Unfortunately like many traditions, the Orange Ball is no longer a regularly held event and it is for this reason that the Brethren in Articlave strive to keep this valuable part of our culture alive. The only Orange Ball to be witnessed in County Londonderry and further afield this year will be held in Articlave on Friday 12th April and will take the format of an ‘Olde Time Dance’ followed by the ‘Grand Orange March’.

With dancing to the ever popular David Doherty, this is one event in the Orange calendar not to be missed and everyone will be made very welcome.