Attack on DUP ‘pure and simple arrogance’

I WOULD describe the attack on the DUP by David Ford and Naomi Long at the Alliance Party Conference as pure and simple arrogance.

The reference to the DUP MPs at Westminster, insinuating they are not holding the Government to account or representing their interests in Parliament, is an attempt to distract people’s attention away from the failure of the Alliance party to distance themselves from the disastrous policies of their sister party (Liberal Democrats) which are placing a severe burden on the people of the United Kingdom, especially in Northern Ireland.

Recently in the Ulster Star a correspondent, in reply to Alliance Councillor Jennifer Coulter, made a similar point.

I trust the good people of Northern Ireland will punish the Alliance Party not as Mr Ford says “for their successes” but for failure to condemn policies which include Student Fees and Granny Tax, as Naomi Long will discover in East Belfast at the next election.