‘Bag it and bin it’ says Beggs

Roy Beggs, East Antrim MLA, has added his support to the Bag it & Bin it campaign which is warning people of the dangers of causing blockages to sewers by flushing inappropriate items down toilets.

The local Ulster Unionist MLA said: “With the increased frequency of heavy rainfall there is increased strain on our sewerage system. I would encourage everyone to act responsibly by minimizing the risk of a blockage by ensuring that items such as nappies, bathroom wipes, bandages etc. are not flushed down toilets as they lead to blockages.

“Sewer blockages cause terrible inconvenience and public health risks and they also require considerable amounts of public funds to correct them.

“I would urge everyone to take particular care to ensure that bathroom items, in particular those that are not designed for disposal to a sewage system are bagged and binned rather than flushed down the toilet.”