Ballysally on Facebook

Within minutes of The Estate finishing on television, social network sites were alive with opinion.

Here are some of the printable comments from Facebook.

“God help anyone who lives in Ballysally. By the looks of it they’re in for a rough night with the amount of abuse they’ll get.

“For anyone I know who is not from Coleraine and is planning on watching “the estate” tonight on BBC1, I just want to let u all know that me or any of my family does not live like this and the majority of Coleraine is not like this!! Just to make that clear to u who might be disgusted! Lol.

“Can’t believe how some people manage to survive around Coleraine. The estate really makes you appreciate how lucky you are :)

“Give over about ‘The Estate’ do you really want to see yourself on TV as a Chav?

“One of the best things I have watched in ages. Our accents are horrible ha ha ha.

“People in glass houses should not not throw stones. I went to the primary school in the estate and while I did not live in the estate I think they should have gone into the school to see the great work that is done in there with the young pupils

“Its crazy. I couldn’t believe people lived like that in Coleraine. I think I remember that girl Louise from school.

“Best part of the day was seeing Martin off The Estate. Took him literally 20 minutes to walk from the town hall to the leisure centre cause everyone was stopping to talk to him.

“Heights have had a bad Press too - but the residents of my estate and the other estates in the town will all stick together - coz that’s wot Coleraine folk do.

“Will b watching the whole series..... wasn’t as shocked as I thought I was going 2 b...... people with serious drink problems need help not ridiculed!

“Not a good portrayal and I hope it will show some of the renewal and support that is going on in the Ballysally area. Then again this is the media, who love to sensationalise a lot of things!

And finally...

“Well did u watch The Estate? We r all movin in! Woman with five kids gets more than I earn!