Belfast Community Choir comes to Lylehill Presbyterian

MEMBERS of Lylehill Presbyterian Church are very proud to present the Belfast Community Gospel Choir, who will be in concert in their church on Monday, October 4, at 8pm.

The choir was formed one year ago, and since then has taken Belfast by storm! This dynamic and energetic collective, under the direction of MARIE LACEY, pride themselves on representing those from all walks of life. Choir members include individuals from many communities including Poland, Barbados and Scotland and some members travel 100 miles just to rehearse. The motto of the choir is ‘Feel the Joy’ and this transpires in their songs as they take you on a journey from old time gospel to modern day classics such as ‘Oh Happy Day’.

Lylehill Presbyterian Church would like to open their doors to everyone to come and experience the choir for themselves. This choir has already had great success with sell out concerts at the Spires concert venue in Belfast, as well as performing at the Nashville Songwriters Festival, Summer Madness, Bangor Sea Festival and many more.

Their Lylehill concert has been organized to raise funds for the refurbishment of church kitchen. Tickets can be obtained from 07712049633, or 07799166424 at a cost 15, including supper.