Bethany funeral - Bond says “seek help”

One of the ministers who addressed the packed funeral at the weekend of Broughshane teenager Bethany Topping has appealed to anyone suffering from depression or mental health issues to “please seek help”.
Tragic:Bethany Topping (with permission of the family).Tragic:Bethany Topping (with permission of the family).
Tragic:Bethany Topping (with permission of the family).

Bethany died on Tuesday in the Intensive Care Unit of Antrim Area Hospital.

The 16-year-old was rushed to the hospital following a tragic incident at the family home.

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Speaking at her funeral service in High Kirk on Saturday, The Very Rev. John Bond, Dean of Connor, Rector of Broughshane, described Bethany as “a typical teenager, vibrant, lively, bubbly, bright”.

He said: “Some of us were teenagers once, if we can remember back that far .. and we were far from perfect, we made our mistakes, said and did stupid things. And while death and dying are part of life, when someone so young dies in such tragic circumstances as our beloved Bethany we are numbed, shattered, broken and words seem hopeless.

“There are many young people here today and you are our hope, our present, our future and you are valued and loved ... and to anyone suffering from depression or any form of mental health issues – please seek help, speak to someone you can confide in, don’t be embarrassed, you are not alone. There is help available.

“By being here today we are enabling each other not just to confront our grief, but also to shape and share a vision so that this tragedy will be challenged through public awareness, through education and through the various groups which address this issue.

“This service is about one of the most painful and difficult of circumstances that any family can experience, but God is merciful, forgiving, God know, God loves, God cares. God understands!”

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