Big clean up begins in Dunclug Park

THANKS to the efforts of local residents who are all associated with the North End senior football club a massive clean up of Dunclug Park took place on Thursday, April 8.

Charles Brett chairperson of the Dunclug Residents Association, Kevin McCrudden chairperson of the Dunclug Youth Forum and Colum Best project manager of the Dunclug Partnership were present and evidenced the excellent work carried out by these local residents.

Dunclug over the last year has seen remarkable change with the demolition of all high rise flats. Dunclug has now a state of the art play area ,that would be the envy of other communities.

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The Dunclug community centre is currently being refurbished at a cost of 160,000 and is scheduled to reopen in May 2010.

The clean up was as an initiative from the Dunclug Partnership whose committee wants to try and restore some pride back in the area.

It is up to local residents to keep the place tidy and clean and if every resident supports the clean up then they would see for themselves the benefits.

It was good to note that as the clean up was taking place local residents came out and were very thankful for what was going on.

Dunclug Partnership is grateful to Ballymena Borough Council and in particular to John Lorimer for their help and support on the day of the clean up.

A message must be communicated to the community that as residents they have an important part to play in keeping the estate tidy and clean.

All it takes is for everyone to look after their own area and do not throw rubbish about on the streets.

Lets hope the good work and effort that the local residents applied in this clean up is a motivator in ensuring every resident gets involved in keeping the estate clean.

During the month of August Dunclug partnership will be initiating a best kept garden award.