Bishop launches ‘Nets Work’

Diocese of Derry and Raphoe Bishop, Ken Good, is to launch the ‘Nets Work’ project aimed at fighting the spread of malaria.

The launch will take place at the Diocesan Synod today, Wednesday, in Jackson’s Hotel, Ballybofey, and will run for a year, during which the members of the Diocese aim to buy 20,000 mosquito nets for Nigeria. This could save as many as 40,000 lives, as people are given this extra protection against Malaria.

The World Health Organisation estimates that there were 216 million cases of malaria in 2010 resulting in 655,000 deaths. Mosquito nets can help keep mosquitoes away from people and significantly reduce infection rates and transmission of malaria.

A net costs around £5, but for a family who spend more than 90 per cent of their income on food it is an expense they cannot afford. Sadly, in many rural communities having a fever is just a way of life so this project also educates communities on how that fever is caused and how it can be prevented.

Families, schools, businesses, clubs, organizations and individuals in the Diocese are being asked to be creative about finding ways of sending as many nets to Nigeria as possible.

“I am very excited that Derry and Raphoe has identified a life-saving project in Nigeria – providing thousands of mosquito nets for people who can’t afford them,” the Bishop said.

Christian Aid’s partner, Anglican Diocesan Development Services, will distribute the nets.

Bishops’ Appeal is a Church of Ireland body that channels funds through development agencies and partner churches who are already in place in areas of need. Nets Work is a way for the diocese to mark the 40th anniversary of Bishops’ Appeal.

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