Bomb alert in city centre

POLICE confirmed “nothing untoward” was found after reports of a suspect object in a Specsavers store in Ferryquay Street in the centre of Londonderry yesterday.

Shoppers and workers were evacuated from the city centre store and neighbouring businesses during the alert.

Waterside SDLP councillor Martin Reilly said the bomb scare had caused widespread disruption to people and businesses in the area.

Mr Reilly, who works nearby, said: “This is the second time a business has been targeted in the past few weeks by terrorists in the Diamond area of Derry city centre which is totally shameful.

“Traders trying to make an honest living, draw people to our city and create employment for people here should not be intimidated in this way.”

He contrasted the action of the hoaxers with the organisers of the Foyle Cup parade yesterday.

“This is a stark contrast to those responsible for this incident who have so wonderfully displayed that they have nothing to offer,” he commented.