Broughshane’s Best Kept Gardens revealed

THE ‘Best Kept’ gardens in Broughshane have been announced for 2012.

Winners in the village’s various estates are...

Mrs Gretchen Burnside, The Commons; Mr and Mrs John Curry, Artogues Park; Mrs Linda Megaughin, Brookvale; Mr and Mrs Raymond Ruck, Motte Farm; Mr and Mrs Stephen Owens, Three Trees Manor; Mr and Mrs. William Clarke, Tullymore Dale; Mrs Betty Wylie, Tullymore Gardens; Miss Margaret Penny, Braid Valley View; Mr and Mrs William Fullerton, Stoney Lane; Mr and Mrs Richard Davison, Caherty Lodge; Mr James McKeown, Main Street; Mr and Mrs Charles Campbell, Pine Court; Mrs Agnew Smyth, Fir Park; Mrs Martha O’Neill, Shane Court; Mr and Mrs James Crawford, Riverside; Mrs Violet Linton, Thorndene; Ms Norma Evans, Raceview Road; Mrs Doreen Smyrell, Fairways; Mr and Mrs Robert Millar, Whinsmoor Avenue; Mrs McClure, Whinsmoor Park; Mr and Mrs James Rainey, Beechvale; Mr and Mrs Brian Gault, Ashfield; Mr and Mrs Gordon McCullough, Rectory Meadow; Mr and Mrs James Ballentine, Rectory Gardens; Mr and Mrs Kenneth Wilson, Rectory Fields; Mr and Mrs Patrick Kincaid, Braid Carry; Miss Ruby Wylie, Braidwater Gardens; Mr and Mrs Wilbert Gilmore, Houston Park; Mrs Roebuck, The Knockans; Mr and Mrs James McCosh, Knockan Road; Mr and Mrs Lexie Brown, Shane Manor; Mr and Mrs Lamont, Knockan Terrace; Misses Ester and Minnie Mills, Woodlands; Mr and Mrs Ronnie Montgomery, The Meadows; Mr and Mrs Paul Carey, Meadowvale; Mr and Mrs. Tom Neill, Rossland Park; Mr and Mrs Terence McClintock, Knowehead Grove; Mr and Mrs Mark Jackson, Knowehead Dale; Miss Grace Gillen, Knowehead Hill.

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Best Overall Basket: Mr and Mrs William Hunter, Riverside.

Best Overall Window Box: Mr and Mrs Sandy McKendry, Houston Park.

Best Overall Trade Premises: McNeills Hardware.

Best Senior Citizens: Mr and Mrs Terence McClintock, Knowehead Grove.

Best Overall Garden: Mr and Mrs Terence McClintock, Knowehead Grove.

Special Discretionary Award: Allotment growers at Whinsmoor.