'Buckfast - devil juice and liquid evil'

WE had such a good reaction to the textline this week we've had to move it off its usual spot on the letters page.

Most of you had something to say about our lighthearted piece on Buckfast while other minds concentrated on more serious issues, such as the town's economy.

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The reason Buckfast is so popular in Lurgan. 'CAUSE IT MAKES THE GIRLS LOOK GOOD. Sword from 'Ducktown'.

Buckfast, it's one of those things everyone should try at least once in their life! Preferably out of the bottle, for authenticity LOL. I'm not originally a local to Lurgan, but understand the Buckie history it and other local towns share. PS That's the best, most light hearted article I have read in a long time and have told friends and family about. Very much giggled at the truth in it! B McC.

Lotion commotion, liquid evil, rocket fuel, devil juice, wreck the hoose juice, Lurgan champagne... Whatever your preference in name, Buckfast is to Lurgan as tennis is to Wimbledon. It is north Armagh CULTURE! Embrace the grape!! From S the avid Buckfast campaigner!

I'm a Lisburn who moved to Portadown nine years ago. Everyone down here drinks Buckfast and I don't like it. Because I drink white wine, I'm called a snob.

Here is one verse of a Buckfast song that might tell ya the real colour of it. 'It is black and it is beautiful and the taste is mighty fine! It's not what you are thinking of, it is Buckfast tonic wine!' I enjoy a bottle of Buckfast tonic wine once in a blue moon, but there is an equivalent of 15 Mars bars of sugar in it so too much isn't good for ya. But Buckfast rules all other!

I think Buckfast is just an easy way and cheap way for people to get drunk. It's the worse taste ever and people who say they like it are clearly wrong. It's what it does for them! It also turns people nasty. Stop making it please!

How ironic that this week's Lurgan Mail highlights the issue of teenage hoods/gangs causing problems on the front page for the paper to then go and make light on page 10 of one of the main contributors to the problems within the groups of youths hanging round the streets and parks of Lurgan at night i.e. Buckfast. The easy availability of this drink is a serious problem that needs to be tackled not made light of.

Buckfast changed my life couldn't live without it, up the wine bags!

Regarding the piece in the 'MAIL' RESIDENTS CHILLED IN EVACUATION. I can't believe how ungrateful these people were. What did they want the security forces to do. Had it been a real bomb did they want it to blow up around them. They should have been thankful of a bit of shelter. It's their own people who are putting them through these inconveniences so why don't they speak up and tell the police who they are. Instead of protecting them.

How can anyone judge blue badge holders by looking at their outward appearance. Heart problems are not visible.

David Calvert? Unelectable in 2001, 2005, 2007 & now 2010. Face it you are unelectable, take the hint.

Lurgan's the last town I go to when I need things for the children. There isn’t one decent reasonably priced children's clothes shop never mind somewhere to buy baby equipment in the town centre. Jane.

In order to resuscitate a once vibrant market town - as Mr Gardiner described it - the council should encourage people to set up their own businesses through start up schemes with government funding. If traders are presently apathetic, would-be traders of the future don't have a glimmer of hope unless there are supported schemes to enable people to get a foot in the door; this would create jobs and bring some healthy competition back to the town. There should also be a focus on attracting investors and high street names to the town.