Buddy reunited with owner thanks to microchip

There was a special reunion recently for one local pet owner and her cat, Buddy, thanks to his microchip.

Buddy has been reunited with his owner thanks to his microchip.

Buddy, a ten and a half month old kitten, has certainly been involved in some adventures since birth.

He was hand reared shortly after birth when his mother was killed by a car, and after he was given a loving new home he injured his foot and required a major operation.

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His latest mishap came about when he wandered off and wasn’t seen for over seven weeks.

Thankfully, the microchip his owner Daphne Moore and her husband James had had implanted enabled Buddy to be returned home.

The tabby cat had found himself three miles from home and was being cared for by a gentleman who decided he would give Buddy a home.

However, when the gentleman took the cat to Cromlyn House Vet Hospital in Hillsborough, a routine check found Buddy’s microchip and he was reunited with a delighted Daphne.

“Buddy never wandered and then all of a sudden he disappeared one day. I am so glad I had him microchipped,” Daphne said.

“I was totally delighted when I got him back. I walked the roads when he went missing, I asked neighbours if they had seen him, but as the weeks went on, I feared the worst and I thought ‘this is it’.

“When I got the call from the microchip service I thought, ‘oh my goodness, they’ve found his wee body,’ but they told me a gentleman had brought him in. It was wonderful.

“I’m so happy and so are my three daughters, Rachel, Sylvia and Sarah. They are all grown up but they love animals. My grandson Blake, who is 13 months old, just dotes on Buddy. His eyes lit up when he saw him again.”

Daphne said Buddy has settled back in to his home well.

“He’s a cheeky wee chap, but he’s a character and very affectionate,” she said. “He’s settled in well.

“When he came home I put food and water out for him and sat in the conservatory because I didn’t want to frighten him, but he came in and jumped up on me and lay on top of me, rubbing his head around my neck as if to say, ‘it’s alright mummy, I’m home’.”

Daphne added: “I would thoroughly recommend anyone to get their animals microchipped. We’d never have known where Buddy was otherwise, and it’s the not knowing that’s the worst when your pet disappears.”

Lynn Heffron, a Veterinarian at Cromlyn House Vet Hospital, where Buddy’s microchip was discovered, was delighted to be able to return the cat home.

Lynn said: “When you lose a cat it is like finding a needle in a haystack. I was delighted when I discovered he was chipped.

“Really without a microchip it is very difficult to trace cats and they can travel some distance. This cat belonged in Lisburn and turned up in Hillsborough. It was very gratifying to get a positive result.”

In honour of Buddy being returned home and as June is National Microchipping Month, Cromlyn House Vet Hospital are offering ‘Buddy Offers’, enabling people to have their pet microchipped and registered for £5 for cats and dogs.