Butler warns arsonists to stay away from Hilden Mill

Young arsonists have been warned to stay away from Hilden Mill by local councillor Robbie Butler after the historic landmark was targetted twice this week.
Hilden MillHilden Mill
Hilden Mill

Firefighters tackled a blaze on Tuesday around 12.10pm after already dealing with a well developed fire on Sunday.

On Tuesday one fire appliance from Lisburn and two from Cadogan were deployed to the scene. No-one was inside the building and two jets were used to deal with the fire. Crews left the scene around 2.30pm

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Firefighters who dealt with a fire on Sunday at the same site received a call at 4.47am. Two appliances from both Lisburn and Cadogan Fire Stations were deployed to the scene.

Firefighters used four jets to deal with the fire and finished at the scene at 1.12pm.

Mr Butler said he will contact the NIFRS to see if any intervention strategies can be used to prevent other attacks.

There have been a number of attempts to redevelop the 16 acre site in recent years. Hilden Mill has been left empty since Barbour Threads closed in 2006.

Mr Butler urged children to stay away.

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“There are warning signs and fencing in place to deter unauthorised access to the site for very good reasons,” he said. “Coming from that area as a child it is sad to see such an iconic building plunge into such a poor state of repair. During my time with the Fire Service there were many fire calls to Hilden Mill.”

Councillor Jonathan Craig said he was sorry to hear of the recent attacks.

“Those who are carrying out these attacks need to be caught by the PSNI and prosecuted for their own safety and the safety of others,” he said.

“This is a dangerous site.”