'˜Buzzare' incident as bees get loose in car

Police image of bees loose in car.Police image of bees loose in car.
Police image of bees loose in car.
A man was hospitalised after a swarm of bees got loose in his car in Lurgan last night (Friday, May 18).

According to Police the man had been transporting around 200 bees and stung him to the extent he required hospital treatment.

Posting on the PSNI Craigavon Facebook page Police said: “Two bee, or not two bee...

“No. About two HUNDRED bees actually.

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“Last night, a bee keeper was transporting some winged lovelies when it all went a bit wrong. Some came loose, stung him to the extent that he was hospitalised, and were then left to overrun his car in Lurgan Town centre.

“Our guys...bumbled on down this morning once it was reported and secured it until an expert, Mr P Bear, arrived to sort it out. This madman has the testicular fortitude of a Grizzly bear, and calmly suited up before getting IN to the car...and driving it off

“Thankfully the original driver is fine.

“We're honey combing the area for clues...

“Normally I'd tie in some relevant public safety info even to our light hearted posts, but I don't have a clue about bees, other than don't flap at them or they'll sting you. I now also know not to offer them a lift if they've a load of mates with them.

“How Buzzare.”