Cairns to contest South Antrim for TUV

Antrim man, Richard Cairns is to stand in the upcoming Assembly election in South Antrim.

Richard Cairns.
Richard Cairns.
Richard Cairns.

Commenting on his selection, Richard said: “I am humbled to be given the opportunity to stand in my home constituency of South Antrim, and I thank TUV for putting their faith in me. Northern Ireland has been plunged into crisis yet again, with the last Assembly surviving a merely eight months. So much for a fresh start!

“Northern Ireland currently has no budget, waiting lists in our hospitals are increasing daily and schools are crying out for more funding. That was even before the RHI scandal broke and it was uncovered that we are losing £85,000 per day due to Arlene Foster being asleep at the wheel.”

He added: “The answer to this problem is not to sit at home on election day. Nor is it going to be resolved by returning the same incapable people back to Stormont who caused this mess in the first place. The solution is to recognise the problem lies with the system of government we have. It cannot deliver and will stumble from crisis to crisis until radical reform is achieved.

“Until we have that political maturity a form of accountable direct rule is preferable. Stormont is not getting better anytime soon. On March 2 make your vote count and help me drain the swamp.”

Commenting on Richard’s selection, TUV Party Leader Jim Allister added: “I am delighted to announce that South Antrim will have the opportunity to vote for Richard Cairns in the upcoming Assembly election.

“Richard is a talented and capable individual who dedicates himself to giving back to his community, and his principles and integrity are beyond question.

“For those out there wanting real change, TUV are willing to drain the swamp and we need your support on March 2.”