Call for crossing on busy road

MLA Paul Givan will meet with the Roads Service about placing a crossing on the Derriaghy Road and put the idea on a priority list, following recent concerns from Linen Green residents.

The  busy junction on the Derriaghy Road
The  busy junction on the Derriaghy Road
The busy junction on the Derriaghy Road

He said that he has been calling for a pedestrian crossing for the past two years, but was told by the DRD that it is not a priority despite it meeting the criteria.

He said that he was told by the Roads Service that they were restricted financially.

“This is a real issue that I continually to raise with the Roads Service,” he said. “Residents have been asking for a pedestrian crossing here for a long time and have some real concerns about crossing the road and are finding it increasingly difficult to do so especially, at peak times.

“Motorists at the Linen Green have also complained about attempting to drive out of the junction to get onto the Derriaghy Road.

“There is also a vision restriction due to the hill for both drivers and pedestrians.

“The Roads Service have told me that while it meets the criteria it is not on their priority list. It is all over a finacial issue, I have been told.

“I will again be asking for a meeting with the Roads Service regarding this issue.

“Granted there is a pedestrian island close to the junction near Linen Green but that is clearly not satisfactory. There needs to be a crossing. What is frustrating is that this road meets the criteria but there is just not the money there.”

His comments come after mother-of-three Sonya Grimley, complained about her daily walk to the local primary school.

“I have to cross the Derriaghy Road sometimes twice a day with two children and a baby - it is horrendous,” she said. “I am often with another mother who has three children, and between us we have six young children trying to cross the busy road which is virtually impossible sometimes. You literally have to take your life into your hands when crossing the roads in the morning.”

She said that she contacted the Roads Service twice last week about the Derriaghy Road.

“My morning journey was made worse this week with road works,” she said. “I was forced to walk around roadworks on the road. I had two children and a baby in the pram and I had to walk round it. It is practically a dual carriageway. It is not just me but there are other people using the road complaining about how bad it is. Surely it warrants and crossing. I am putting my life - and my childrens life - in my hands each day trying to cross the road.”