Car badly damaged in Glenavy flooding

A major flood on the Belfast Road in Glenavy has caused a headache to scores of motorists travelling into the city, this week.

The flood on the Belfast Road in Glenavy

Some had to abandon their vehicles as they struggled through the flooded road, with the problems persisting for over a week.

One motorist, who was travelling to Stoneyford to see a sick relative at the weekend, claimed his car was written off as it struck the flood, ‘like a brick wall.’

Alderman James Tinsley and Councillor Pat Catney, said the road should be closed until the flood clears.

They have asked the Lisburn City and Castlereagh Council to write a formal letter to both the Transport NI and the Rivers Agency.

Alderman Tinsley, said, “The Belfast Road should have been closed until this flood cleared due to safety issues. “Motorists are risking their safety driving through this.

“This is a very busy stretch of a road which leads to Belfast.

“Vehicles are still driving through it. They are taking a big chance. It is so very dangerous.”

Councillor Pat Catney, said he had spoken to many distressed motorists this week.

Mr Catney said, “This flood needs to be seriously looked at. I have rang agencies seeking answers as the flood is not easing at all.

“There has been an ongoing problem here but we were told that it was sorted out four years ago, but clearly there must still be some sort of issue.”

A spokeperson for the Rivers Agency said it was a problem for Transport NI to deal with.

A DRD spokeswoman said: “The river is very high which effects the outlet for the road drainage. Flood warning signs are displayed and this road is passable with care.”