Car is stolen while owners were in house

Ford FocusFord Focus
Ford Focus
A Banbridge couple has been left shaken after thieves entered their house during the night before making off with a red Ford Focus which had been parked in the driveway.

John Woods was still awake during the creeper burglary at his Old Bleach Green home on the Castlewellan Road last Wednesday, but was unaware what was taking place downstairs as he was in bed using a laptop and headphones.

John’s wife Gemma, who had just got the car less than four months ago at Christmas said: “We are knocked for six - it’s just gut-wrenching knowing somebody was in your house when you were upstairs. I feel so frightened by it all and really nervous.

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“I came downstairs that morning to find the door was wide to the wall. I always lock the doors and am careful to keep everything locked, so I looked around to see what was gone and discovered the car missing from the driveway.

“We work so hard for everything we have,” she added, “and somebody somewhere knows who was in my house and took my car.”

Gemma was also annoyed that along with the car she lost a new child car seat and a bike which was a Christmas present belonging to her two-year-old niece.

“She had just been out on it once,” said Gemma.

The ordeal has left the couple anxious about staying at their home.

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“I’ve no idea how they got into the house,” said Gemma “the door hadn’t been forced but my key wouldn’t work in it afterwards, so I think they must have poked something into the lock”.

A camera installed at a neighbours house has provided further clues about the incident.

CCTV shows the guys entering the estate a minute apart, then leaving, then coming back four minutes later at 2.04am,” said John.

“They left the estate very fast indeed.”

Gemma praised police investigating the incident.

“They were very prompt, efficient and friendly and put us at ease,” she said.

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Constable Jay Morrison said: “We believe this incident occurred between midnight and 2am on Wednesday, April 15, and that the car was driven onto the A1, heading northbound.

“We would like to hear from anyone who has information in relation to the theft or whereabouts of the car to contact us in Banbridge on 101, quoting ref: 380 150415.”