Carrick's new zebra crossing '˜long overdue'

There has been mixed reaction in Carrick to a new zebra crossing which has been installed at the entrance to the maritime area.

The pedestrian facility is now in operation at Rodger’s Quay between the Harbour Carpark and Sainsbury’s.

Mid and East Antrim councillor John Stewart described the crossing as “long overdue but welcome”.

Mr. Stewart said that elected representatives had been campaigning for some time to have it installed.

“A lady was knocked down there not too long ago. It seems to have taken that to get Transport NI to act.

“We have been campaigning for a number of different schemes around Carrick including traffic lights at a North Road junction where it can be chaotic at times.

“I appreciate that the department is under financial constraints but I would call for the funds to be freed up.”

Mr. Stewart claimed that there has been “a lot of” public support for the new zebra crossing.

“Hopefully it will be respected by road users. It is long overdue but has to be welcomed.”

One comment on social media said: “If it was put in place years ago it might have saved my aunt’s life.

“It’s also took them over a year from that happened to put this here.”

Another noted: “Im surprised it wasn’t thought of sooner as there would be a lot of tourists in that area of the castle who would probably cross there to go to shops etc.”

“Unfortunately, a woman lost her life on that road recently. So really good to see the crossing.”

Patricia Donald Johnston, chairperson, of Carrickfergus Road Safety Committee, said: “I absolutely welcome this crossing especially as there has been a fatality.”

Mrs. Donald Johnston has urged motorists to slow down as they leave the Marine Highway roundabout and she has called on pedestrians to use the zebra crossing and not “run the gauntlet”.

“I’m glad it has eventually been put in place - not before time.”

Meanwhile, traffic speed is to be limited to 20 mph on a section of Belfast Road, outside Model Primary School, for a trial period in a part-time traffic management scheme.