Cathedral Rector outlines plan for year ahead

AT the recent Annual Easter Vestry of Lisburn Cathedral, the Rector of Lisburn Cathedral, Canon Sam Wright, gave a review of the past year’s work and outlined the plan for the coming year, including the refurbishment of the interior of the cathedral.

He particularly thanked the curate, Rev Simon Genoe, the staff and the leaders in the Cathedral for their hard work throughout the year.

For 2012-2013 the Rector’s Churchwarden is Mr Tim Webb and the People’s Churchwarden is Mr Glen Steenson.

The Rector’s Glebewarden is Mr Paul Duggan and the People’s Churchwarden is Mr John Humes.

The following were elected to the Select Vestry for 2012-13: Mr David Allister, Mrs Jenny Bell, Mr Des Cairns, Mr Paul Bailie, Mr Denis Fullerton, Ms Grace Fullerton, Mrs Helen Getgood, Mr Ken Gibson, Mr Trevor Irwin, Mrs Jill Lester, Mr James Price, Mr John Quigley.

Mr Denis Fullerton was appointed Honorary Secretary and Mr Paul Bailie was appointed Honorary Treasurer.

At the conclusion of the report, Mr Ken Gibson thanked the Rector for his leadership throughout the year.