Census staff to start visiting households

CENSUS Day was on Sunday, March 27 and a majority of householders have already returned their Census forms either online or via Royal Mail.

Tomorrow Thursday, April 7, Census staff will start to visit remaining households in Londonderry to encourage householders to fill out and return their questionnaires.

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA), who is coordinating the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland, has established which addresses in Londonderry have yet to return a completed Census questionnaire.

Census staff will be calling at these addresses over next few days.

A full return for the 2011 Census will provide an accurate picture of Northern Ireland’s population.

Emphasising the importance of the Census, Dr Norman Caven the Registrar General for Northern Ireland, said: “It is essential that everyone in Londonderry is counted in the Census.

“The information collected will affect future policy on important services in Northern Ireland such as houses, schools and roads.

“That’s why it’s a legal obligation to complete the form. The results of the Census will help tomorrow take shape.”

Census staff will all carry official photographic ID cards. Householders will be able to inspect the ID card and, if they are at all unsure, call NIDirect on 101 to verify that the caller is a Census official.