Childminding as a business

NICMA's 'Rural Childminding' project is offering free training and resources for individuals interested in becoming a registered childminder.

Childminding is the most affordable and most popular full-time daycare option for working families but unfortunately there is a serious shortage of registered childcare in the area.

This shortage is creating a disadvantage to families in the area. Due to the increase in the cost of living and better career opportunities for women, more and more mothers are returning to work after the birth of their children.

Many potential childminders indicate that they are put off by the idea of the registration process because they think they may have to make countless changes to their home.

Who can be a registeredy childminder?

Registered childminders are self employed daycare providers who work in their own homes to provide care and education for other people’s children within a family setting.

Anyone who is not a close relative and who “looks after children for more than two hours in a day for reward” will need to become registered, which is not a complicated process.

What are the benefits?

• Work from home.

• Be self-employed.

• Work flexible hours.

• Care for your own children while still earning a living.

• No formal qualifications are required.

For further information on the project contact Maeve Milne, Project Co-ordinator on 07855 144138 or email [email protected]