Christian radio is back – it’s Life4You!

Getting ready to broadcast. INBM18-14Getting ready to broadcast. INBM18-14
Getting ready to broadcast. INBM18-14
Friday this week sees the return of ‘Life4You’, the local Christian radio station broadcast by members and friends of Ballymoney Baptist Church.

All the usual topics appear, such as mental health problems like depression, explored by Christian GP Roberta McKenzie, to the question of “Poverty: who cares?” explored by Joe Millican on Friday night at 10pm. As well as these subjects, the programmes are packed with a wide variety of Christian music and, most importantly, the Christian message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

This is the ninth year Ballymoney Baptist has brought Life4You to the airways.

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One of the good things about the weekend broadcasts is that all ages are involved, and that includes the FBI – the weekly children’s club: ‘Friday Bible Investigators’, the Sunday School children, as well as the young teens in their Youth Zone programmes each evening.

The breakfast shows on Saturday and Sunday at 8am, are always pretty entertaining, with Alastair and Joanne at the helm, and offer a bright, uplifting start to your day!

Three councillors from three different political parties will be part of a programme on Friday at 2pm, where they share the most important thing they have in common, their faith in Jesus Christ. That will be a great programme, where local NI politics is transcended by the power of spiritual truth!

The 11pm shows on Friday and Saturday nights are hour-long open discussion programmes, which ask questions about Christianity and its relevance in our modern world.

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Why not tune in and consider some of these points, or ring in with your questions?

The bible is full of fascinating, astonishing references to historical events as well as strange and difficult poetry and visions – why not set your mind to asking questions and seeking answers from the Bible – because it is different from all other religious writings in that it is not a man-made book – it is God’s revelation of Himself to the world.

You can ring us anytime on 028 27666452.

The church members will be using Castlecroft at the bottom of Main Street from Thursday until Saturday, to distribute information about the radio programmes but also about the gospel – do stop for a chat if you need questions answered or would like someone to pray with you.

As always, you can call in at the church building on the Ballymena line for a visit anytime or come along and join in the Saturday night live event of praise and testimony, this year at 7-9pm.

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Don’t forget you can tune in to the morning and evening services at 11am and 6pm on Sunday 4th and hear the church’s pastor, Colin Adams, preach.

The wavelength is 105.3fm; you can listen online at and follow the links.

You can also send your emails to [email protected] and you can ring on 028 27666452 or text on 07749 399042.

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