Christmas decoration to promote Christian message

ST John’s Church in Sloan Street, Lurgan is on a mission to promote the Christian message across 300 homes via a humble Christmas Tree decoration.

St John’s member Colin McCabrey said: “The decoration aims to promote the Christian message, unite our local Christian family, help us get to know and help our neighbours and raise funds for a new church and community building through which to support our local community.

“It’s something new we’re trying. It is the first in a series of six decorations to be unveiled each year.”

The decoration was designed by Robin Davis of Newcreations.

He added: “The message communicated in each decoration will reflect our growth in Christ at the passing of each year. It will portray our strengthening in faith as we become more able to help others, many of whom may have faced difficult challenges in the twelve months previous.”

To raise funds for the St John’s Building Fund the church will also be holding a Delicious Delights dessert sampling evening on Friday in the church hall.

The event will feature a cookery and floral art demonstration and starts at 7.30pm. A donation of £5 is suggested which includes a recipe booklet.