Ciaran returns to Malawi

Local man Ciaran McHale is returning to Malawi to work as a volunteer in the construction of a health clinic in Mchokera village, Malawi.

Malawi is one of the world’s least developed countries and 83% of its population live in rural areas like Mchokera. Research highlights the fact that due to long distances to hospital, many people (especially children) die on the journey to seek medical help. Local clinics like that planned for Mchokera which can provide antenatal and postnatal care, health testing counselling and a nutritional feeding centre can be life saving as well as life enhancing for these poor people.

Ciaran has already been fundraising in Glasgow, where he attended university, but is appealing, once again, to the generosity of the people of his home town. Ballycastle’s nightclub, Halo, has been given free of charge as the venue for a pub quiz to be held on Friday 27th May at 9pm. Quiz master Benny Elliott has also offered his services free of charge and prizes for the raffle and quiz have all been donated locally. Admission is £3 per person and all monies raised will be spent on the project itself, with volunteers like Ciaran covering their own expenses. Come along for a good night’s ‘craic’ with friends and support a very worthy cause.