City centre parking is ‘bewildering’

THE experience endured by the reader in last week’s Star was identical to the situation I also found myself in several months ago.

I usually park in Jordan’s Mill but only needed to park for about 15 minutes and saw a space at the end of the same parking bay.

A traffic warden was booking someone two cars behind me so to keep myself right I bought a ticket for slightly longer than needed and he watched me leave the car and go to the meter to purchase this.

Imagine my horror when I returned well within the time to find a parking ticket on the window screen.

I complained, only to be told that the fine was not because of non-payment but because it was in a restricted area.

I could not understand this as it was a specific parking bay however on closer inspection I noticed the faded markings.

I am still bewildered about why this short restricted space at the end of the parking bay is there in the first place – to me it serves no purpose.

I was also annoyed that the traffic warden had watched as I parked in it but did not think to do “the gentlemanly thing” and warn me.

With this sort of an attitude towards the motorists coming to Lisburn is it any wonder they are taking their business elsewhere.