City doctor amongst most influential in UK

A FAMILY doctor from Londonderry has been named one of the most influential GPs in the United Kingdom.

Dr Tom Black is included in a prestigious table of top 50 GPs compiled by the medical magazine, Pulse.

The Londonderry GP is ranked 42 on the UK-wide list which considered the doctors who exerted the most influence within the profession, the health service and the government.

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Dr Tom Black said: “It’s an honour to be considered one of the most influential GPs in the UK. At NIGPC we continually strive to achieve the best for the health service, our patients and general practice.”

“This year will continue to be a challenging one. We want to be instrumental in leading the reconfiguration of services from secondary into primary care.”

He continued: “NIGPC will ensure that this is achieved in a planned and managed way, sufficiently resourced and with proper engagement with clinicians.

“Afterall, doctors, and in particular GPs as frontline staff, are best placed to design a service fit for patient use. We will continue to lobby for sufficient resources to ensure this is realistic and achievable.”

The Londonderry GP added, “ doctors want the best for their patients and at NIGPC will continue to influence our local government to ensure this remains at the top of everyone’s priority list.

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