City parking is ongoing problem

ALTHOUGH my fine was not concerned with faded road markings in Antrim Street, it was in the car park beside the Square, I could relate aspects of the offence in last week’s story.

In March I drove into the car park in Lisburn Smithfield Square East; there were approximately six empty marked spaces, however, as I had the children in the car and as the spaces are tight, to avoid any restriction when opening the car doors I parked at the end of the car park in an empty space that is not marked out, howeve,r there are no single or double yellow lines on this area to warn or suggest that it cannot be used as a space.

The space I parked in is at the end of the marked spaces and is free from obstructing any other car.

I have previously parked here on more than 50 occasions without any issue or previous penalty.

I paid my ticket for one hour 14:24, expired 15:24 and put it on the car window.

As I was only accompanying my son to put his birthday money into the bank we were back at the car at 14:50 and could see the fixed penalty notice on the windscreen - Offence No 86 Not parked wholly within the markings of Bay/Space

There are no double or single yellow lines to warn drivers off considering parking in this area.

I appreciate it is not a marked out space, however, it is open and free of obstructing any other vehicle entering or leaving the space and as there were at least six free spaces I would most definitely not have parked at the end of the park if I had realised there was a risk that this was an offence and that I would have receive a penalty for parking there.

I also recognise that I have a duty to park appropriately and as I had previously parked in this open space on numerous occasions in the past without incurring any penalty or being given any warning that I may receive a ticket I was ignorant to the risk of receiving this penalty.

I have lived in Lisburn for over 20 years and park in this car park up to three times per week and have now learned that I am unable to park in this space in the future

Ita Collin