Clarke queries re-opening of Harryville Post Office

A LOCAL councillor has expressed the hope that restructuring plans being undertaken by the Post Office could see the return of a branch to Harryville.

Martin Clarke made the comments following last Thursday’s Planning Committee meeting at which members were given a presentation by Mark Gibson, Post Office’s Senior Stakeholder Manager, over the company’s restructuring plans.

Mr Gibson outlined that Post Office is looking towards retail partners to base Post Office branches.

Cllr. Clarke queried if this could open the door to new branches opening.

“I can see a positive point to the option of [Post Office] going in with a retail partner,” Cllr. Clarke said.

He added: “We had a Post Office in Harryville for over 100 years which was then closed a few years ago.

“Harryville now has no Post Office at all.

“This idea of a retail partner wasn’t an option at the time so could it be now?”

Cllr. Clarke added that the ethos of the Post Office was to the “heart and soul” of the community.

“The Post Office was the heart and soul of Harryville and it was taken away,” Cllr. Clarke added.

He continued: “If the Post Office are looking for retail partners could this mean we could have a Post Office in Harryville again.”

Mr Gibson said that while he wasn’t aware of the specifics surrounding the Harryville branch, the issue of reopening a branch which had closed could have knock-on effect on other branches.

“If you have 3-400 customers going to a new branch instead of another branch close by, it could lead to the other branch having to close,” Mr Gibson said.

“It is certainly do-able if a retail partner is found and if it demonstrates that it is not going to have that effect,” Mr Gibson added.