Clean up Station Square call from Portrush councillor

A Portrush councillor has called on Coleraine Borough Council to clean up Station Square.

Independent member Christine Alexander described the newly refurbished area as being in a ‘terrible state’ during the month of July.

She said she understood that it was a ‘highly used’ area of the town, but added that she would like some commitment to have the area cleaned up.

“I would like some commitment from Council that this area will be cleansed.

“We need to make some allowance in the budgets for this,” she said.

Director of Environmental Health, Kieran Doherty questioned the councillor’s description of the area being in a ‘terrible state’.

He said: ”There were times when it wasn’t as clean as it should have been, but it wasn’t in a terrible state.

“The surface is hard to keep, it could be cleaned today and be as bad as ever again tomorrow with spillages.

“This is a space that is heavily used.

“We’ve had very few complaints, the vast majority of feedback has been positive.”