Coaches back school plan

THE ‘MAIL’ spoke to two men involved with coaching sport in schools, who gave their opinions on the introduction of Gaelic football at Carrick.

Peter Maxwell said: “I frequently come across GAA coaches delivering sessions in both controlled and maintained primary schools and they are without doubt some of the best lessons I have seen. What they do with children is not Gaelic specific and will help develop co-ordination and handling skills of children regardless of what sport they usually play. Sport should be used to break down barriers rather than create new ones.”

Niall Devlin said: “As a GAA coach in schools and as someone with aspirations to be a PE teacher I feel it is important to introduce different varieties of sport to children regardless of their religious background. Coaches, PE teachers and development officers have put in a Trojan effort for the last ten years to bring sectarian branded sports to an end once and for all.”

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