Coalisland man accused of racism over anti-Islam posters

An alleged racist from Coalisland has been accused of involvement in placing anti-Islam posters.

38-year-old Barry Patrick Toner, from Pinebank Gardens, was due to appear at Armagh Magistrates Court on Tuesday but was not able to attend because he has been admitted to a drug addiction programme.

His co-accused, 47-year-old David Muldrew did appear and confirmed he understood the single charge against him.

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Muldrew, from Ballynahone Crescent in Armagh, is accused of displaying written material on 21 June this year “which was threatening, abusive or insulting, intending thereby to stir up hatred or arouse fear or, having regard to all the circumstances hatred was likely to be stirred up or fear was likely to be aroused.”

Giving evidence, a female police officer said she believed she could connect the accused to the charges.

The charge arises after a report of the display of anti-Muslim materials in both Armagh and Newry on June 21.

A third man is due to appear before Newry Magistrates on a similar charge on Wednesday.

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On Tuesday, a prosecution lawyer asked the case to be adjourned to allow for a full file to be compiled and as there were no objections to bail, Deputy District Judge Liam McStay freed Muldrew and ordered him to come back to court on 22 August.

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