College achieves the International School Award 2013-2016

Cross and Passion College, Ballycastle, have recently been successful in achieving the International Schools Award.
Year 8CW at Cross and Passion College. inbm39-13Year 8CW at Cross and Passion College. inbm39-13
Year 8CW at Cross and Passion College. inbm39-13

This is a great achievement as applicant schools need to meet a range of very challenging criteria.

The International School Award support schools in embedding international learning into the curriculum, working towards giving pupils and teachers a new perspective on the worl and the skills to work in a global economy.

Cross and Passion have fostered links with a school in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka over the last number of years, with CPC teachers visiting Sri Lanka and teachers and pupils form Sri Lanka coming to experience life in Cross and Passion.

The curriculum in CPC has also been adopted to include this international dimension with a ‘Connected Learning Day’ each year where pupils take part in activities associated with the Sri Lankan culture.

To achieve the award CPC had to submit an ‘Impact Evaluation’ of international learning activities which the assessors were particularly impressed with, commenting; “Cross and Passion submitted an excellent Impact Evaluation demonstrating their commitment to internationalism.

“There was evidence of the impact of internationalism in the whole school community and of how activities with an international theme are embedded into the curriculum.

“I particularly liked their Disaster/ Extreme weather management activity which provided students and their fellow international partners with real opportunities to explore relevant international themes.

“Well done.”

Cross and Passion Principal, Mrs Barbara Ward, spoke of the positive impact of this award and associated activities and paid tribute to those involved.

“There is a real need to prepare young people for active participation in the wider world.

“Through a number of international links now operating in the school, our students are now getting that perspective.

“It is great to see them grow in confidence.

“This of course couldn’t happen without the generosity and support of the teaching staff who continue to go the extra mile, devoting their personal time to setting up links and accompanying pupils in their travels abroad.”

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