Complaints over '˜sex encounters' at McKee's Dam

Recent months have seen a new wave of complaints from people claiming intimidation at the hands of those seeking sexual encounters at McKee's Dam near Dromore.

McKee's Dam

According to Councillor Luke Poots (pictured) more than 30 people have contacted him in the last three months to report having been propositioned and intimidated.

Many were concerned parents, he said, and some, he went as far as to say, had been effectively “scarred for life” by the experience.

Now Mr Poots, a DUP councillor on Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, is preparing a report to present to local police about what he called the “explicit behaviour” occurring at McKees Dam.

He said: “Mothers and fathers have approached me saying they cannot use the facility due to continual use of the facility for men to meet other men for sexual practices.

“McKee’s Dam should be a safe place for families and the public that wish to use it appropriately.

“I will be meeting with police to tackle this issue and ensure that McKee’s Dam can be restored to a safe place once again.

“I utterly condemn this behaviour which has led to others being inappropriately propositioned, intimidated and quite frankly, scarred for life.

“This is illegal and the police need to step in and use the full force of the law to stop this.

“It is simply unfair that people cannot use this facility because of the misuse by others.”

It has previously been reported that McKee’s Dam, and indeed Dromore Viaduct, are among 80 Northern Ireland ‘cruising’ destinations listed in a website directory, complete with directions on how to get there and suggestions of the best times to go.