Council isses fines to dog owners

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Dog Warden Service issues fixed penalty fines for offences under The Dogs Order (NI) 1983.

The Council has recently taken three residents to court for such offences and has been successful in each case.

In October Trevor McConkey of Willow Gardens, Seymour Hill appeared in court charged with failing to clean after his dog which had fouled on Birch Green, Seymour Hill. he Council had previously issued Mr McConkey with a fixed penalty notice under The Litter (NI) Order 1994 which he failed to pay and subsequently pleaded guilty to the offence in court. The judge ordered Mr McConkey pay £100 contribution in respect of costs, which he must pay within 20 weeks. He was also given a conditional discharge for 12 months in relation to his original fine.

Having ignored previous reminders from the Council, Curtis Orr of Woodland Avenue, Lambeg received fixed penalties under The Dogs Order (NI) 1983 for failing to obtain valid licences for his two dogs. Mr Orr failed to pay the fixed penalties and subsequently appeared in court where the judge ordered him to pay £50 for each offence, £15 offender levy and £366 in costs all within 10 weeks.

Ms Joanne Morton, Drumadoon Drive, Ballybeen failed to pay a fixed penalty notice issued for letting her dog foul in the vicinity of Brooklands Football Pitches. In Newtownards Court on November 20, she was ordered to pay a £120 fine, £15 offender levy and a £300 contribution towards costs all within 20 weeks.

Councillor Brian Hanvey, Chairman of the Council’s Environmental Services Committee, speaking about the importance of the Dog Warden Service, said: “I am very pleased that the vast majority of dog owners and walkers in the Council area are responsible and clean up after their pets, helping to make a more pleasant environment for all.

“However, a small minority of owners and walkers persist in letting their dogs foul in parks, on footpaths and in rural areas and the Council will continue to take firm action against those owners who disregard the law.

“The Council has powers in legislation to issue fixed penalties to those dog owners and dog walkers that fail to ‘scoop the poop’, licence their dogs and let their dogs stray.

“I hope that the above successes by the Council will act as a deterrent to offending dog owners and encourage the remaining small minority to be more responsible.”

Report dog fouling issues and help the Council cut this problem down by calling 028 9250 9394 and help the Council keep the area clean.