Council secures Orderto rescue donkey

An abandoned donkey rescued by Derry City and Strabane District Council near Claudy has been re-homed after the local authority secured a Court Order under animal welfare legislation.

The council applied for the order against an unknown landowner on the Crockmore Road under the Welfare of Animals Act 2011.

A solicitor acting on behalf of the local authority told Derry Magistrate’s Court the order would allow it to either re-home the donkey, or euthanise it, if absolutely necessary.

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District Judge Brian Archer, who made the order, said he hoped a suitable new home could be found for the animal.

“A friend of mine works for a donkey charity. He’s a solicitor. If you phoned him...” he suggested.

“If I make an Order and it’s euthanised he may never speak to me again,” he added.

Welcoming the decision a spokesperson for Derry City and Strabane District Council, said: “Council gives a high priority to the welfare of domestic pets, horses and donkeys and operates a rigorous enforcement policy to ensure full compliance of regulatory requirements.”

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The spokesperson said all complaints are taken seriously and that the council will act against any suspected breaches of animal welfare legislation.

“As part of normal operations in relation to animal welfare cases and the re-homing of animals, the Animal Welfare service contacts a number of registered sanctuaries which may take in the animals at risk.

“In relation to this case, contact was made with a registered sanctuary and the animals will be taken by the sanctuary once the appeal period has expired.

“The Donkey Sanctuary would be really willing to discuss re-homing in general as they have a large number of animals in care for rehoming,” the spokesperson stated.

The Donkey Sanctuary contact is Jane Bruce - 07557922358 or Welfare Office 00353 2248398,” the council said.