Councillor to lobby for trafficimprovements

Lisburn Councillor Alexander Redpath says he will continue to lobby for improved traffic conditions on the Knockmore and Ballinderry Roads.

The junction at Brokerstown Road/Knockmore Road. US1423-568cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

This follows Star readers raising concerns about the state of traffic in the area - particularly at the Knockmore Road/Brokerstown Road Junction.

Speaking on the issue Mr Redpath commented: “I recently wrote to Road Service regarding potential traffic lights at the Knockmore Road/Brokerstown Road Junction.

“In their reply Road Service informed me that Holstein Lodge and Ayeshire were intended to form part of a larger development.

“Part of the planning approval for this development involved traffic lights being installed at the junction of the Knockmore Road and Brokerstown Road.

“However owing to the property crash and the developer Carvill Group going into administration it is unclear when or if these improvements will be put in place.”

Mr Redpath continued: “I also raised the issue of the laneway connecting Holstein Way and Sycamore Mews.

“I had hoped this laneway could be opened up to traffic thus allowing residents in Holstein Lodge and Ayeshire direct access to the 
Ballinderry Road.

“However it transpires that this road has yet to be adopted and remains the property of the developer.”

He added; “I will continue to lobby Road Service and the administrators of Carvill Group on both these issues.

“The adoption of the laneway between Holstein Way and Sycamore Mews should be possible as a road bond should still be in place.

“Also I believe Road Service should give consideration to installing signals at their own expense at the junction of the Knockmore Road and Brokerstown Road.

“Road Service has been very helpful thus far and I hope to advance the 
issue soon.”