300 litres of oil stolen from tank

NEARLY 300 litres of oil has been stolen from a tank at a house in Castle Lane Mews.

The tank was also damaged during the theft, which took place shortly before 7pm on Friday, January 27.

Police are appealing to anyone who witnessed any activity around the house or has information in relation to this incident to contact them on 0845 600 8000.

If you prefer to provide information without giving your details you can contact the independent Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.

To help prevent the theft of oil householders should take the following steps:

- Check your heating oil regularly and often.

- There are many devices on the market for measuring how much oil is in your tank - buy one and use it.

- Invest in security features for your tank such as lockable fuel cap and sensor lighting coverage.

- Make it hard for an intruder to gain access to the rear of your home. Install locks to the area of the tank.

- Use plants with thorns or spikes around your oil tank.

- Consider a shed audible alarm.

- Make sure that your boiler is securely locked up with a good quality padlock.

- Mark your boiler with your post code and house number using an engraving tool.

Be a good neighbour and report anything suspicious around a neighbour’s home.