Lisburn Councillor blasts ‘vile’ and ‘sectarian’ tweets aimed at young family

Police have launched an investigation after ‘vile’ and ‘sectarian’ messages appeared on social media over the weekend.

Alliance’s Sharon Lowry
Alliance’s Sharon Lowry

The comments come after a Twitter user posted a picture of his young family wearing their South Belfast Young Conquerors flute band uniforms.

Writing on the social media platform, the user wrote: “The definition of Tradition: the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation.”

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The post sparked a score of comments from other users under the Twitter post.

One user responded: “Might be 3 but he’s a little orange c***. Hope his lodge burns down and if they 3 are in it, well that’s just a bonus.”

Another wrote: “State of those kids. Ugly little b******.”

A Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council councillor slammed the commentary, branding it as ‘pure evil’.

Alliance’s Sharon Lowry was reacting on Twitter after at least a dozen tweets took aim at the young family.

She said: “This is absolutely vile. People should be free to participate in their culture without this disgusting sectarian abuse and aimed at a little boy too. Pure evil.”

The PSNI said that they were made aware of the comments shortly after 5pm on June 14.

A spokesperson added: “Police received a report around 5.20pm on Monday 14 June relating to comments made on a social media platform and enquiries are ongoing.

“Police would also take this opportunity to remind social media users that they are personally responsible for the content they post on social media and should be mindful of the potential for committing a criminal offence.”