'Disgust' at attempt to drown dog in canal by tying concrete block around neck

An attempt to drown a beautiful Samoyed dog by chaining a concrete block around its neck and dumping it in a canal has been foiled by quick-acting dog enforcement officers.

A lucky escape.

The PSNI have described the incident as "disgusting" and hailed Mid Ulster Council officers for saving the animal.

The Mid Ulster Rehoming Centre for Dogs in Stewartstown, which is now looking after the animal, also hailed the "brave officers" for coming to the rescue when the dog was struggling to keep its head above water in the Coalisland canal.

"A disgusting attack on a defenceless dog in Coalisland.

"Council Enforcement Officers found and rescued this Samoyed weighed down in the canal with a chain round its neck and a concrete block weighing it down to trap it in the water.

"The dog has now been cleaned up and is being looked after by Mid Ulster Rehoming Centre for Dogs

"If you know anything about this dog or how it came to be in the canal call 028 8773 8861," said the PSNI.