Illegal worker had to flee from Bangladesh

A worker in a Lurgan restaurant had to feel Bangladesh after he was attacked and stabbed, Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last Wednesday.

Twenty five year old Ali Ahammad, with an address in Victoria Street, Lurgan, was charged that on July 4 this year to evade immigration controls he had a Bangladeshi passport which was improperly obtained.

He appeared in custody in the dock and a bail application was made.

This was opposed by an immigration officer who said Ahammad had been arrested while working in a restaurant in Lurgan.

He added that the defendant had a false visa and never had any permission to be in the country.,

The officer feared that if released on bail Ahammad would be a flight risk.

He explained that in the last three years he had admitted to having two false passports in his possession.

A solicitor for the defendant said that an asylum application was pending.

He explained that Ahammad was of Bihari origin and they were regarded as stateless people in Bangladesh and not recognised as citizens.

The solicitor explained his client had fled after there was an attack on him and he had been stabbed.

District Judge, Mr Alan White, refused bail because of the risk of flight and the fact that the defendant had a history of false passports.

Remanding the defendant to appear again on August 2 by way of videolink he said he had the right to apply for bail to the High Court.