Man caught with more than 1,000 illegal tablets in his pockets

The growing problem of people across Northern Ireland buying fake prescription medication has been highlighted by police who discovered a man they stopped had more than 1,000 illegal tablets in his pockets.

The incident has prompted the PSNI to warn of the dangers of obtaining medication on the streets.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Whilst out on mobile patrol during the week, the District Support Team stopped with a man in the Lisburn area, who, on a mention of a search, tried his luck to push past officers.”

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The man tried to run away but was stopped quickly by police.

“And why did he run? Probably because he didn’t want to lose the 1,000+ illegal tablets in his pocket nicely divided into numerous bags,” said the PSNI spokesperson.

“We are seeing more and more people turning to buying fake prescription tablets, tablets unlike the proper prescribed versions, are not regulated, properly made and tested and can have a terrible effect on your physical and mental health.

“If you do need help, seek proper medical assistance - don’t be buying anything off the streets.”

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