Man smeared faeces over police cell walls

A man arrested for smashing up his mother’s household belongings smeared faeces over the walls of a police cell, a court heard on Thursday.

Kurtis Edgar was given a suspended prison sentence for an outburst described by the judge as “absolutely terrifying”.

The 25-year-old was also ordered to pay his mother half the estimated £1,000 damage in compensation.

Belfast Magistrates’ Court heard she discovered him, apparently under the influence of a substance, at her home in the city on February 19 this year.

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Prosecutors said Edgar “totally lost it” when she refused a request for her bank card.

“He stated that he would smash up the living room, and proceeded to smash ornaments, a television and television stand,” a Crown lawyer said.

Edgar’s volatile behaviour continued in custody, where he allegedly declared: “I’m going to s*** all over your cell.”

According to the prosecution he then smeared faeces and wrote his name on the walls.

He also put a pillow down the toilet and spat at a CCTV camera, the court was told.

The defendant, of Chichester Park Central in Ballymena, pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal damage.

Deputy District Judge Liam McStay told him: “It’s bad enough to damage your mother’s property, but it’s absolutely terrifying for her to witness that.”

Ruling that the offences crossed the threshold for a custodial sentence, Mr McStay decided to suspend the four-month term for two years.

He directed Edgar to pay his mother £500 compensation, and to reimburse police £32.55 to cover the cost of the pillow.