Police attacked in Lurgan’s Kilwilke estate as they answer call for help

A POLICE officer was seriously injured after responding to a call for assistance from a member of the public in the Kilwilke area of Lurgan during the early hours of Sunday morning.

A male officer was attacked by a knife and sustained a knife wound to the back of his head when he attended a domestic incident.

At 2am on Sunday police received a report that a man was locked in a house with two small children present.

Officers attended and the man was locked inside. The man opened the front door as officers attempted to gain entry and attempted to attack one officer before a second officer intervened and was slashed with a knife.

The officer was taken to hospital where he received treatment for his injury. His condition is stable.

The 41 year old man was arrested and is currently in police custody. Two children present in the house, aged one and three years old, were uninjured.

Following the incident police maintained a presence in the area as an investigation got underway.

Officers came under attack with six petrol bombs, bricks and bottles being thrown at them. Initial enquiries were concluded and the area returned to normal at 4am.

Superintendent Jason Murphy said: “I have nothing but praise for the actions of the brave officers who responded to this call.

“The officer who was attacked has received treatment for a slash wound to the back of his head and a cut on his face.

“He and the others who attended responded to a call for help during a busy time. Their main priority was to ensure the safety of all those involved, particularly the two young children in the house. They did this with no thought for their own safety and with self restraint and professionalism.

“These are the officers who are keeping our community safe.

“It was more than disappointing to see those officers come under attack and the actions of those who threw petrol bombs and bricks can only be condemned.”

The 41 year old man has been arrested for attempted murder.