Police examine CCTV after fires were deliberately started in Law’s Lane

For the second time in six days fires have been started in the Law’s Lane area of Banbridge.

A spokesperson for the police said: “For the second time in six days fire fighters have been called to deliberate fires which could easily have spread to nearby homes.

“On Wednesday evening a fire was started in a hedge which spread to trees and fences causing a garden shed to be damaged also.

“It also set fire to the oil tank of a house which, if the fire fighters had not been so quick to extinguish, could have been disastrous.

“We are currently examining CCTV from the area and have received information from members of the public which will assist our investigation to identify those involved in this reckless activity.

“If you have information that could help, please contact the Neighbourhood Team in Banbridge on 101. Quote reference 1521 21/07/21.”