Police to meet with council after anti-social teens congregate in Crumlin

Police officers are calling on parents to speak to their teenage children after anti-social incidents were reported in Crumlin last night.

It is understood police discovered evidence of drug use in the region.

Commenting on the issue, a PSNI spokesperson said: “We were out on the beat in Crumlin village last night paying attention to areas of concern. One such area is the field at the back of Hartswood.

“Parents please speak to your wains about congregating here. There’s evidence of fires being lit, drink being taken and bongs being smoked.

Police say the tree is being destroyed by anti-social teens.

“A lovely old tree is getting destroyed due to this behaviour. Local residents are quite rightly annoyed. We’re speaking with local representatives, the council and the owner of the field to try and resolve this matter.”