PSNI Newtownabbey issues anti-social behaviour warning ahead of concert

Train (stock image).Train (stock image).
Train (stock image).
Police in Newtownabbey say they will be out in force over the next few nights to stop anti-social behaviour on the rail network.

It comes after three people were taken to hospital for medical treatment suffering from minor injuries and the effects of alcohol last Friday.

Appealing to parents of teenagers travelling to the Belsonic music event in Belfast, PSNI Newtownabbey stated: “Translink were forced to stop two trains last week due to revellers attending the concerts becoming ‘drunk and abusive’.

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“Some of the people involved ‘were so drunk they required urgent medical treatment’. We do not want to see a repeat of these incidents tonight

“Some of the youths were consuming large amounts of alcohol were putting themselves at greater risk of becoming victims of crime, including sexual assault.

“Be warned that those who disregard the law will end up with a criminal record.”

Police went on to point out that being drunk in a public place can attract a court fine of up to £250.

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They added: “Police can also issue a fixed penalty of £40 for being drunk in a public place and £80 for disorderly behaviour or behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace. We will also have our specialist drugs dogs on duty, who are incredibly effective at detecting even the smallest amounts of drugs.

“Coaches approaching the venue will be monitored. Drinking on buses is illegal and can pose a major road safety risk by distracting the driver. We will also confiscate alcohol from anyone under 18 years of age.”

This message was reinforced by Translink. In a post on its Facebook page, the public transport operator said: “Remember alcohol is prohibited on-board our services and will be confiscated. There will be increased PSNI and security in place throughout the entire network.”