Rasharkin ‘peaceful’ - PSNI

Area Commander, Chief Inspector Brenda Cairns has welcomed the peaceful conclusion of the Twelfth of July Demonstration parade in Rasharkin.

She praised the local community, participants and spectators and commended the work carried out on all sides to ensure that the parade passed off peacefully.

She said: “The combined contributions of the local community, organisers and political and community representatives ensured a largely peaceful atmosphere.

A lot of hard work, planning and community engagement goes into organising an event of this scale and I would like to give special mention to all of the partners who worked with us in the weeks and months leading up to the demonstration to ensure that it passed off peacefully.

I believe the parade’s successful outcome is a clear demonstration of just what we can achieve when we work together.

“I would urge everyone to keep engaging in meaningful dialogue and finding local accommodations to local issues to the benefit of all our residents.”