‘Repeated nuisance’ gets jail warning

A 58-YEAR-OLD Limavady man was warned if he continued to be a “repeated nuisance” in the town he would go to jail.

Appearing at Limavady Magistrates Court on Wednesday was Philip Daniel O’Kane of 38A Benevenagh Drive, Limavady.

Police were on Irish Green Street on June 11 at 4.30pm when they saw O’Kane drinking from a bottle of cider. They approached him about it and he was verbally abusive and was swearing. Police warned O’Kane about his behaviour and advised him to move on but he continued to be abusive, and shoved an officer, saying: “**** off! I’m waiting for a taxi.” 

Defence solicitor, Peter Jack said his client had a poor record and had been unable to break his addiction to alcohol. He said his behaviour was disturbing for the population and PSNI in Limavady when he continued to flout the law because of his drinking.

District Judge Paul Copeland told O’Kane he had a significant record for causing public disorder and confronting members of the police and public. 

“What you overlook is the annoyance you cause and the repeated nuisance you are on the streets,” said Mr. Copeland. 

O’Kane received a three month jail sentence, suspended for two years, and a £100 fine. 

“Do not come come back,” warned Judge Copeland.