Shocked mum pulls child back from road as lorry drives through red light in Tandragee, Co Armagh

A shocked young mother had to pull her child back as a lorry driver drove through a red light just as she and her children were about to cross a Co Armagh road.

This latest incident involving traffic lights in Tandragee has prompted local DUP Cllr Gareth Wilson to urge the public to be more mindful of the Portadown Road lights.

Alderman Wilson said: “This latest incident was a real shock to the young family concerned as they had started to cross the road at the traffic lights when a lorry decided to drive through the red light. The mother had to then pull her child back with her on to the footpath which as you can imagine was quite a shock for them.

“I’m not sure why these particular traffic lights are proving a challenge for motorists as they should be driving with due care and attention and not driving through a set of traffic lights which are clearly red. This shows no regard for pedestrian safety and I would urge all motorists to pay more attention.

Portadown Road, Tandragee. Photo courtesy of Google.

“The new temporary 20mph speed limits at this location have been approved and hopefully when finally installed it will greatly increase awareness of the need to slow down and drive slowly through the town and crucially with due regard to the traffic lights and those using it to cross the road. The safety of pedestrians of all ages is paramount.”